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Uvi_Wave Wavelet Toolbox

The Uvi_Wave Wavelet Toolbox is a set of Wavelet Processing based functions implemented under two known environments: Matlab and Khoros 2.

The toolbox includes Wavelet Transform functions for one or more dimensions (up to 5 dimensions in Khoros 2). Matlab version also includes Wavelet Packet Transform (one and two dimensional). Multiresolution Analysis functions have been implemented to calculate approximation and detail components of any signal or object. Wavelet Filter Generation routines have been programed so as to generate Daubechie, Symlets and Remez Orthogonal filters as well as Spline Biorthogonal Filters. Matlab version provides additional orthogonal filter families: Maximally Flat and Battle-Lemarié. The Wavelet and Scaling functions can be computed from any kind of Wavelet Filters.

Uvi_Wave for Matlab

Uvi_Wave for Khoros 2

Publications on Wavelet Theory

Some utilities.

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Uvi_Wave Mailing List:

The Uvi_Wave @ tsc.uvigo.es mailing list has been created for discussions about the Uvi_Wave Wavelet Toolboxes (for Khoros 2.0.x and Matlab versions). The list is available for bug report and suggestions about the functions, and for discussions about Wavelets theory and general questions.

You can also browse the Uvi_Wave list contents through HTML by clicking on the Uvi_Wave HTML mailing list.
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